At Gharkul Trust, we believe.

1. That every child has a sun-lit future.
2. The right to education and equal opportunity.
3. The right to live with dignity and grace.
4. In rhythm with a rapidly changing universe. 


... Small drops make the mighty ocean.

Gharkul started with the vision of it's founder, Shri Sunil Satpute to provide a better future for lesser-privileged children with special needs.

Every child is special. The children of Gharkul more so.

Gharkul hopes that the "little drops" of today will go on to make the small difference in the  mighty ocean of tomorrow.

Please join us in any little way you can, to make this dream journey...



The journey of a thousand miles...

"Hunger, Poverty, Deprivation - These are not mere words to me. I have lived through all these as a child in the slums of Mumbai. As I grew up, the deepest longing in my heart was to enable children like me to have a happy childhood which they truly and rightfully deserve. In 1993, I started counseling and teaching street children from under a tree. Working with them was so immensely satisfying that I knew my journey had begun"

- Sunil Satpute, Founder Trustee.

Shri. Sunil Satpute has seen the first-hand lives of street children.
During the course of his work in teaching them, he came across innumerable children with different degrees of retardation.

These special children could not and would not go to the special schools, that children from more privileged households had access to.
Their parents were doubly helpless - due to lack of awareness and due to financial constraints.

These children's future seemed doomed.

Convinced that society owed these special children a dedicated community care & education centre, Shri. Satpute conceived the idea of Gharkul, a school for these special children.


The Beginning...

In February 2007, Gharkul was started as a Day Care Centre with a nucleus of 8 children from the slums of Santacruz, Mumbai with nothing more than a strong will to be able to touch the lives of these children and empower them with the right skills. Soon, help of all kinds poured in. Friends gave generously whatever they thought could be of use to the school. They volunteered to sponsor various needs food, educational stationery, medical aid, uniforms, school bags, shoes, picnics and outings, assuring us that Gharkul was indeed sustainable.

Presently, the centre looks after 40 children between the ages of 3 and 18, ranging from mild to severely retarded. Most of the children have multiple disorders such as physical and sensory-motor handicaps, and speech and auditory deficits.

Registration (80G - Tax Exempted):

Gharkul is registered under the Bombay Public Charitable Trust Act, 1950 - No. E-17264. All donations to the Trust are exempt under 80G of the Income Tax Act, 1961- No. DIT(E)IMCIBOG/1197.All cheque payments should be made in favour of 'Gharkul Public Charitable Trust'. If you come across underprivileged children who can be helped by Gharkul, please help them reach us.